Simpa Mfonyi

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  • Aboakyer festival
    Aboakyer Festival Mfonyi

    A deer hunting event in honour of "Penkye Otu"....

  • Masquerade festival Mfonyi

    A special form of masquerade art is celebrated in Winneba annually as part of the Christmas festivities that ends with a competition on New Year’s Day.

  • Others

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Simpa Odebikɛse...
Subor abor a oboor sar. Kor ɛsuantse bae. Egyanom mpanyin a wodze nsapan kyer Owansen enyikan. Ma wotow abaw hyia hon. Oman a ahenfo ekunyin na ebirɛmpon ko mu. Kɛtɛse nyindzee ho nworaba fi no mpoano. Nyew Effutu Simpa. Nyew Simpa odebikɛse a.